The New EL731 AC/DC Sensitive Earth-Leakage Relay

Finally, you can solve common ground fault problems associated with VFDs.


The EL731 AC/DC Sensitive Earth-Leakage Relay is a revolutionary new product that finally solves common ground-fault problems associated with variable frequency drives and is equally applicable to AC, DC and mixed AC/DC systems. It detects a wide range of earth-leakage currents and can reliably protect a variety of applications including conveyor belts, compressors, pumps and mixers found in harsh environments such as mining, oil sands operations, petrochemical and other industrial facilities.

Key benefits include:
• Full frequency (0 - 15 kHz) ground-fault current detection
• RTD/PTC temperature protection
• Metering of earth-leakage current and temperature
• Ground-fault protection, compatible with high-resistance grounding systems
• Password-protected alarm and trip settings
• Ability to detect ground faults on grounded dc systems
• Communications capable

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