Underground Portable Power Centres

Heavy Duty

Our heavy duty underground portable custom power centres are designed for the harsh conditions found in underground mining and tunneling operations. Littelfuse Startco portable power centres are built to withstand frequent movement, and are designed and braced for vertical shaft access mines. Littelfuse Startco power centres feature rugged dry type transformers with primary voltages up to 38 kV and capacity up to 4 MVA.

Find Littelfuse Startco Power Centres

Littelfuse Startco power centres typically consist of a rugged formed-metal enclosure, primary breaker or fused switch, mine-duty dry-type transformer, secondary breaker, feeder breakers, protection relays (including Littelfuse Startco ground-fault ground-check and NGR monitors), and cable couplers. Variable-frequency drives, soft starters, arc-flash protection, data acquisition, plc, communications, and other innovations can be included.


The Littelfuse Startco medium-duty underground power centres are skid mounted and also designed to hold up in harsh vertical shaft or ramp access mines. The medium-duty power centres offer a wide range of ratings in 5 & 15 KV classes and up to 3000KVA.