Mining Electrical Equipment

Find Littelfuse Startco Underground Mining Capabilities

Littelfuse Startco was formed to support the potash mining industry in Saskatchewan, Canada, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. Our custom electrical and protection relay solutions help customers safely control and distribute electrical power in oil sands, uranium and other mining applications.

Littelfuse Startco Underground Mining Equipment Industries

Designing and building electrical equipment for outdoor and underground mining requires a practical understanding of special safety concerns, space constraints, and environmental requirements. Since 1975, Littelfuse Startco has been providing underground mine electrical equipment to mines and has gained extensive experience and expertise. From supplying underground mining power centres, skid-mounted substations and dewatering sleds to custom motor control equipment and power takeoff panels, we have proven our versatility and ability to design, engineer, and fabricate to any requirement.

  • Littelfuse Startco is the most respected name in Canada’s mining industry when it comes to custom mining power centres and ground-fault protection
  • Each custom-product unit is powered and 100% tested prior to delivery
  • Each Littelfuse Startco relay is 100% tested during production
  • Some original Startco products are still in operation 30+ years after delivery
  • Underground substations meet CSA C22.2 No.31, C22.1, CSA M421, CSA C9 and CSAC802.2.