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The EPC is an internally bussed, connectorized, sealed power distribution module, suitable for mounting in rugged commercial vehicle applications. The EPC is a platform product that has dense concentration of high power circuits and accepts plug devices like automotive fuses, diodes and relays to protect and control complex electrical systems. An internally mounted Printed Circuit Board (PCB) allows for design exibility and enables new electrical designs to be supported with merely a PCB variation. The PCB accepts active and passive devices such as diodes and resistors.

Standard version and customized variants of the EPC are offered, including CAN J1939 versions of the EPC. The EPC is also offered with LEDs for diagnostics. Contact your local representative to discuss EPC solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Internal PCB allows for custom circuit configurations, including designs requiring electronics such as those used in CAN J1939 and LIN systems.
  • 120 cavities with 20 diagnostic/indicator LEDs – accepts 20 MINI® fuses and 10 relays. LED indicators help quickly identify a blown fuse
  • Electrical connectors support surface mount applications. Connectors configurable with various power I/0 supported.
  • Sealed rugged enclosure protects internal circuitry from harsh environments such as high shock, vibration, as well as moisture and contaminants. Sealed to IP67.
  • Included tether connects cover to base preventing misplacement.

Standard Configuration Options

  • Standard: Four sockets, each with 12 x 2.8mm female terminals.
  • High current: Four sockets, each with 12 x 6.3mm female terminals.
  • Mixed current 1: Four sockets, each with 12 mixed 1.5mm and 2.8mm female terminals.
  • Mixed current 2: Four sockets, each with 16 mixed 1.5mm and 2.8mm female terminals
  • Low current: Four sockets, each with 18 x 1.5mm female terminals.