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MicroPlex 7XHL
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The MicroPlex CAN controller is designed for body-builders, up-fitters, and OEMs to allow them to easily interface with and augment their vehicles pre-existing CAN system to drive additional features based on existing CAN messaging. Additionally, the MicroPlex can be used to add new CAN messaging back onto the CAN bus resulting in an integrated and seamless user experience.

The MicroPlex™ is one of the smallest automotive grade CAN controllers on the market. The innovative module is well suited for a wide range of automotive applications. Users are able to easily configure and or program special features to customize the MicroPlex™ to better suit their needs.

Features and Benefits

  • 7 total configurable I/Os, 1 CAN interface, 1 Ignition input
  • Standard functions and parameters can easily be modified with the MicroPlex™ Lab
  • Complex applications can be implemented with C code
  • Special programs/programming support are available upon request

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #DescriptionVoltage ratingIngress ratingOperating TemperatureFlash Rate (fpm)Compare
LFMCRPLX001Can Controller 7X9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLX002Can Controller 7H9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLX003Can Controller 7L9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLXKIT7HMicroPlex Starter Kit 7X9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLXKIT7LMicroPlex Starter Kit 7L9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLXKIT7XMicroPlex Starter Kit 7H9-30IP67-40 to +854K

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