Continuous Duty SPST Series - See Specifications Below for Details

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Relays are commonly referred to as a remote-acting switches and Littelfuse manufacturers a broad range of styles to meet your application. To ensure you are utilizing the proper remote-acting switches, review the attributes in the specifications tab below against your application requirements.

Available Attributes

(See Specifications tab for exact part number details)
Voltage: 12, 24, 36 Vdc
Amps: 65, 85, 200 A
Circuitry: Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST)
Contacts: Normally Open (NO)
Housing Materials: Plated Steel, PVC Coated
Contact Materials: Copper, Above 200 A – Silver
Contact Stud Material: Copper
Contact Stud Threads: 5/16"-24 Threads hex nuts and lock washers included
Coil Stud Material: Steel
Coil Stud Threads: 10-32" hex nuts and lock washers included
Bracket mounting holes: 5/16" x 19/32" (7.9 x 15.1 mm) on 2 13/64" centers (56.0 mm)

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Special applicationsInsulated / GroundedCircuitryContactsHousingVoltage ratingCompare
24059UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel12V DC
24059-08UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel12V DC
24063UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel24V DC
24063-08UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperBlack PVC Coated Plated Steel24V DC
24080UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel36V DC
24080-01UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel36V DC
24082UniversalGroundedSPSTCopperPlated Steel12V DC
24097UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel6V DC
24106UniversalGroundedSPSTCopperPlated Steel12V DC
24107UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel24V DC
24115UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel12V DC
24117UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperGrey PVC Coated Plated Steel12V DC
24117-01MarineInsulatedSPSTCopperGrey PVC Coated Plated Steel12V DC
24124UniversalGroundedSPSTCopperPlated Steel24V DC
24213UniversalInsulatedSPSTSilverPlated Steel12V DC
24213-01UniversalInsulatedSPSTSilver Tungsten CarbidePlated Steel _ Potted Coil12V DC
24213-03UniversalInsulatedSPSTSilver Tungsten CarbideBlack PVC Coated Plated Steel12V DC
24214UniversalInsulatedSPSTSilver Tungsten CarbidePlated Steel24V DC
24420UniversalInsulatedSPSTCopperPlated Steel12V DC

pdf icon Standard High Current Solenoids Datasheet

Replaces Cole Hersee Hotfeed D-625

pdf icon 24xxx Standard Solenoids 2D Prints

Part Numbers: 24008 through 24144

pdf icon 24213 Series Solenoid 2D Prints

Part Numbers: 24213 24213-01 24213-02 24213-03 24213-04 24213-05