MIDI - 498 Series - MIDI® Style - Bolt-Down Fuseholder

498 MIDI
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Use with BF1 /MIDI® fuses up to 200A. Includes protective cover. Features interconnecting pins on side of fuse block for secure multiple block configurations. Includes M5 threaded studs and hex nuts with lock washers. Fuse not included.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)VDC (V)MountingFuse TypeStockCompare
04980900S2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980900ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980902ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980903ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980904ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980905ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980906ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980907ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980908ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980909ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980910ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980911ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980912ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980913ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980914ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980915ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980916ZXSS2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980916ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980917ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
04980919ZXT2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check
0498900.TXN2003232Bolt-DownMIDI (498)Check