Z-Case - BMZ Series - Battery Mount Z-Case Fuse Holder


Battery Mount Z-Case Fuse Holder mounts directly to a post style battery terminal. The fuse holder is available in 2 or 3 outputs designs utilizing z-case (40-600A) fuses. The maximum continuous throughput of the fuse holder is 275A.

Part Numbers (Sold Separately)

  • 876-199 = Battery Terminal Mount
  • 882-853 = 3-Way Bus Bar and Studs (M8 nuts not included)
  • 882-854 = 2-Way Bus Bar and Studs (M8 nuts not included)
  • 901-325 = Red Rubber 2 & 3-Way Cover


  1. Place the battery terminal on the stud & bus bar assembly
    • For 2 positions bolt the two pieces together
  2. Place Z-case fuses over studs
  3. Mount the assembly to the battery
  4. Attach cables with ring terminals over the top of the fuses onto the studs
  5. Thread nuts and lock washers to the top of the studs and torque to 14+/-2 Nm

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