344_PMB Series - 344 Series - Blown-Fuse Indicating Panel Mount Fuseholder for 3AG Fuses (Bar Knob)

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Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)VDC (V)MountingFuse TypeStockSamplesCompare
3440062077Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
344012201616Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
344024203232Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34412520125125Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34425020250250Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
Catalog # Certificates
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344006 UL_IZLT2 E14721icon
344012 UL_IZLT2 E14721icon
344024 UL_IZLT2 E14721icon
344125 UL_IZLT2 E14721icon
344250 UL_IZLT2 E14721icon

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