81xxxxBP Series - Aftermarket - Carded 1-Pack of Stud Type Low Voltage Circuit Breakers With Mounting Bracket

Stud Type Low Voltage (6–12 Volts) Circuit Breakers SAE Type I automatic reset provides protection in installations where it is not possible to manually reset a breaker because of location or safety requirements. Used primarily as a wiring harness protector in 12 volt DC automotive systems. Conforms to SAE J553C standard. Available with mounting bracket-change part number from 812 to 813, e.g.813005 ST.

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Catalog #Amps (A)FamilyStockCompare
813020BP20Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheck
813030BP30Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheck
813040BP40Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheck
813050BP50Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheck