UCB Series - Universal ATO Style Circuit Breakers


Universal Circuit Breakers function identically and have same internal components as OEM breakers but offer the versatility of snap off terminals for greater flexibility.

  • SAE Type II modified reset used primarily as a wiring harness protector in 12V DC automotive systems.
  • Meets OEM requirements.
  • Conforms to SAE J553C standard.
  • Designed to mount in ATO® style fuse blocks and panels.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)FamilyStockSamplesCompare
BUCB005.H5Circuit BreakersCheck
BUCB010.H10Circuit BreakersCheck
BUCB015.H15Circuit BreakersCheck
BUCB020.H20Circuit BreakersCheck
BUCB025.H25Circuit BreakersCheck
BUCB030.H30Circuit BreakersCheck
UCB1010BoxedCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB10BP10Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB1515BoxedCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB15BP15Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB2020BoxedCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB20BP20Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB2525BoxedCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB25BP25Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB3030BoxedCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB30BP30Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB55BoxedCircuit BreakersCheckOrder
UCB5BP5Carded ProductCircuit BreakersCheckOrder