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The 382 Series are TR5®, time- Lag type, 250V rated fuses, with enchanced breaking capacity designed in accordance to IEC 60127 - 3.


  • Lead Free
  • 100A breaking capacity
  • Reduced PCB space requirements
  • Direct solderable or plug-in versions
  • Internationally approved
  • Low internal resistance
  • Shocksafe casing
  • Vibration resistant
  • Halogen free

ICPTest_382_383 pdf

ChinaRoHS_382 pdf

Littelfuse_Phils_ISO9001_102407icon Philipines ISO 90012000

PhilsISO14001Certificateicon Phils ISO 14001 2004

382 5000ma TC Curve

JET_1896 31007 20011icon METI_JET_1896_31007_2001_9_4_14

Littelfuse_KMARK_SU05024 7004icon Littelfuse_KMARK_SU05024 7004

Littelfuse_VDE_400182501icon VDER_40018250_6_3_14

SEMKO_1026674icon SEMKO_1609346

UL_JDYX2_E67006icon UL_ JDYX2_E67006_12_20_12

cRU CUR_JDYX8_E67006_12_20_12

Littelfuse_CQC_06012017838icon CQC_07012020713

pdf icon Fuse 382 Datasheet

The 382 Series are TR5®, time-Lag type, 250V rated fuse...

382 Series TC Curve

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