02200007 - 220 Series

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The 220 Series are 2AG special fuses with various voltage ratings. They provide special electric performance as required.

  • Board-washable in most solvents with thermoplastic sleeve
  • Available in cartridge and axial lead format with various forming dimension
  • RoHS compliant and Lead-free
  • In accordance with UL 248-14

  • Applications
  • as supplementary protection in appliance
  • as individual protection for components or internal circuits in utilization equipment
  • ICPTest_220XP pdf

    ICPTest_220XP1 pdf

    ChinaRoHS_220 pdf

    ChinaRoHS_220P pdf

    Littelfuse_Suzhou_CQCISO14001icon Suzhou CQC ISO 14001

    Littelfuse_Suzhou_CQCISO9001 2000icon Suzhou CQC ISO 90012000 GBT 19001 2000

    Littelfuse_Suzhou_ISOTS16949icon Suzhou ISOTS 16949

    224 225 Series Time Curve

    csa CSA_1422-01_029862

    METI_NBK200405 E10480Cicon UL_NBK200405_E10480C_5_14_15

    METI_NBK200405 E10480Dicon UL_NBK200405_E10480D_5_14_15

    curus cUR_JDYX8_E10480_101211922

    UR UR_JDYX2_E10480_101211922

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