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Not recommended for new designs. Please use the 877 Series.


  • Meets the requirements of IEC 60127-3, Standard Sheet 4.
  • Slo-Blo, ceramic body fuse in a compact package.
  • This space saving fuse is ideally suited for lighting, power supply, and adapter applications.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Ampere Rating (A) 5
Body Ceramic Body
Nominal Melting I2T (A2sec) 140
Interrupting Rating 50A@250VAC
Min Operating Temp °C -55
Max Operating Temp (°C) 125
Nominal Cold Resistance (Ohms) 0.000014
Opening Slo-Blo/Time Lag (T)/Time Delay
Package Size 3.6x10mm
VAC (V) 250