55505 Series - Flange Mount Geartooth Sensor

55505 Series Image
A robust flange mount Hall effect sensor primarily used for geartooth sensing. Protected against severe and automotive environments. Capable of switching up to 27Vdc and 20mA. Available in 3-wire (voltage output) version. Its case design incorporates a brass mounting bush. Ideally suited for wheel, transmission and camshaft speed sensing, geartooth sensors, rotary encoders, industrial, commercial and automotive applications.


  • Ferrous target sensing
  • Protection against severe and automotive environments
  • Self-adjusting magnetic range
  • High-speed operation
  • Integral EMC, short-circuit and reverse voltage protection
  • On-board 10-bit A/D converter


  • No chopper delay
  • Immune to target run-out
  • Rotational alignment to target not critical


  • Wheel, transmission and camshaft speed sensing
  • Geartooth sensors
  • Rotary encoders
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Automotive

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Catalog #Supply Voltage (V DC)Output TypeOutput HighOutput LowMin Operating Temp °CMax Operating Temp (°C)StockSamples
55505-004.75 to 24DigitalVDD-20.6V @ 20 mA-40125CheckOrder

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