59070-4-T - 59070 Series

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A small, plastic barrel sensor with an M8 x 1.25mm pitch thread, 38.1mm (1.500") long with a choice of normally open, normally open high-voltage, normally closed or changeover contacts. Capable of switching up to 265Vac/300Vdc at 10VA. Available with a range of sensitivity, cable length and connector options. Ideally suited for position and limit sensing, security, linear actuator and industrial process applications. Functions best with the 57070 actuator.

Note: The 57070 actuator is sold separately.


  • Magnetically-operated proximity sensor
  • Operates through non-ferrous materials such as wood, plastic or aluminum
  • Plastic threaded barrel with retaining nuts
  • M8 thread
  • Options of normally open, normally open high-voltage, normally closed or changeover contacts
  • Customer-defined sensitivity
  • Custom cable length and connector options available


  • Simple installation and adjustment using supplied retaining nuts
  • Well suited for usage in high-moisture and contaminated environments
  • Non-contact solution, aesthetically more appealing than push-button or lever mechanical-type switches
  • Ideal for battery-powered applications as the contacts do not draw power when in the non-activated state
  • Reed contacts last for millions of operating cycles under micro-controller voltage and current logic-level loads


  • Position and limit switching
  • Security
  • Industrial process control
  • Linear actuators
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