59630-2-T - 59630 Series

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A small sensor with integral float actuator and an M8 x 1.25mm pitch thread with a choice of normally open, normally open high-voltage, normally closed or change-over contacts. Capable of switching up to 300Vdc at 10W. Available with a range of cable length and connector options. Ideally suited for liquid level sensing, air conditioning systems, and industrial process control applications.


  • Magnetically operated level sensor with integral float magnet
  • Sensor operates when float rises from end stop position
  • Available with a choice of contacts, connector, and cable length options


  • Robust construction makes this sensor well suited for harsh environments
  • Excellent for switching micro-controller logic level loads
  • Simple installation with M8 thread and nut


  • Liquid level sensing and control
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Industrial process control

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