MRPR-3 Series - 19.7mm High Power Reed Switch

MRPR-3 Series Image
A miniature, normally open switch with a 19.69mm long x 2.84mm diameter (0.770" x .112") glass envelope. Capable of switching up to 200Vdc at 50W. It is rated to carry 3A and switch 1.5A. Available sensitivity range of 22-43 AT. High insulation resistance of 1010 ohms minimum and contact resistance of less than 100 milliohms. Ideally suited for limit sensing, telecom, office equipment and automotive applications. Will handle light inductive loads with no suppression circuitry.


  • Normally open switch capable of switching 200Vdc or 1.5A at up to 50 Watts
  • Available sensitivity range of 22-43 AT


  • Hermetically sealed switch contacts are not affected by and have no effect on their external environment
  • Zero operating power required for contact closure


  • Limit switching
  • Telecom
  • Office equipment
  • Light inductive loads

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Switching Power (W)Switching Voltage (V DC)Switching Current (A DC)Breakdown Voltage (V DC)Max Contact Resistance (Ω)Magnetic Sensitivity (AT)Body Length (mm)Overall Length (mm)Switch TypeStockSamplesCompare
MRPR-3-22-28502001.53000.122 to 2819.6956.64A: SPST-NOCheckOrder
MRPR-3-22-33502001.53000.122 to 3319.6956.64A: SPST-NOCheckOrder
MRPR-3-27-33502001.53000.127 to 3319.6956.64A: SPST-NOCheckOrder
MRPR-3-27-38502001.53000.127 to 3819.6956.64A: SPST-NOCheckOrder
MRPR-3-32-38502001.53000.132 to 3819.6956.64A: SPST-NOCheckOrder
MRPR-3-32-43502001.53000.132 to 4319.6956.64A: SPST-NOCheckOrder
MRPR-3-37-43502001.53000.137 to 4319.6956.64A: SPST-NOCheckOrder

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