Pilots, Lamps and Alarms

  • 1305235937 40100


  • Description: Transit buzzer control switch, , Dual Rate Alarm, Universal buzzer, Audible/Visible Alarm

  • Details: moisture-repellent insulator. 2 screw terminals with lockwashers

  • Lens: Red LED

  • 1305234061 2505

    Lamp Sockets

  • Description: Converts double wire to single contact, , Miniature Bayonet Base, Miniature Bayonet Base Snap-In Mounting Socket, Standard Bayonet Base Bracket mounting Socket, Automotive Replacement Standard Base Socket

  • Details: Snap-in mounting socket, Snap-in mounting, plated steel side bracket, back-up tail stop turn signal and cornering, plated steel bottom bracket

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