SC Series - Sequencing Controls

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Littelfuse Sequencing Controls
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The SC3/SC4 Series are solid-state 3 or 4 channel, chasers designed for sequential three or four circuit flashing of incandescent lamp loads. Unlike electromechanical chasers, there are no contacts to arc, wear, and eventually fail. Fixed or adjustable rates of 30 to 300 operations per minute.

Sequential 3 or 4 circuit flashing of incandescent loads with equal time delays for each load. Upon application of input voltage, Load 1 is energized. At the end of the time delay, Load 1 de-energizes and Load 2 energizes. At the end of the time delay, Load 2 de-energizes and Load 3 energizes. This cycle continues until input voltage is removed. The set time delay (rate) is the timing for the whole cycle, for all 3 or 4 loads (output contacts).
Reset: Removing input voltage resets the unit and cycle.

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Catalog #Input
Voltage (V)
Output Load Rating (VA)Sample capableCompare
SC3120A120VAC1A steady state per outputNo
SC4120A120VAC1A steady state per outputNo