SE-601 Series - DC Ground-Fault Monitor

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Operates on DC ungrounded systems ranging from industrial 24- Vdc control circuits to 1000-Vdc solar and transportation systems. It provides sensitive ground-fault protection without the problems associated with nuisance tripping. Ground-fault current is sensed using an SE-GRM Series Ground-Reference Module—a resistor network that limits ground-fault current to 25 mA.



Adjustable pickup
(1 - 20 mA)

Ten settings provide a wide range of
low-level protection

Adjustable time delay
(50 ms - 2.5 s)

Adjustable trip delay allows quick protection or delayed response

Output contacts

Form A and Form B output contacts for operation of separate annunciation and trip circuits

Analog output
(0 - 5 V)

Provides means for connecting to a meter
(PGA-0500) or a control system

Non-volatile trip Memory

Retains trip state when de-energized to simplify troubleshooting

Selectable contact operating mode

Selectable fail-safe or non-fail-safe operating modes allow connection to shunt or undervoltage breaker coil

Microprocessor based

No calibration required saves on maintenance cost

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Catalog #Supply
Analog Output (V)Compare
SE-601-0D12-30One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)0-5
SE-601-0T40 - 55One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)0-5
SE-601-0U120 - 240100 - 240One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)0-5

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