PGR-6800 Series - Pump Protection Relay

Series: PGR-6800      Obsolete 05/26/2016 Questions? Contact Littelfuse Support
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Obsolete 05/26/2016. The PGR-6800 Pump Protection Relay provides protection for pumps with three-phase motors up to 1,000 Vac. No current transformers are required for currents up to 91 A. The protective functions include overload, phase unbalance, phase loss, phase sequence and undercurrent. The PGR-6800 Pump Protection Relay is ideally suited for applications where operating without load can induce failure. Motor current is monitored and an undercurrent trip occurs when the current drops below a preset level. No additional level detectors are required.



No CTs required

No current transformers required for currents up to 91 A

Adjustable trip settings

Adjustable overload trip class setting from 5 to 15 for use with a wide variety of pumps

Output contacts

Form A and Form B ground-fault output contacts for operation of separate annunciation and trip circuits

Remote indication

Cause-of-trip indication and reset button


Prevents insulation failures and fires; extends motor life

Phase loss/Phase sequence

Detects unhealthy supply conditions

Unbalance (current)

Prevents overheating due to unbalanced phases


Detects low level or no-load conditions

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Catalog #Supply
PGR-6801-120120One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)UL
PGR-6801-242424One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)UL
PGR-6801-240240One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)
PGR-6802-120120One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)UL
PGR-6802-242424One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)UL
PGR-6802-240240One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)
PGR-6803-120120One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)UL
PGR-6803-242424One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)UL
PGR-6803-240240One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.)

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