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Neutral-Grounding Resistors (NGRs) are used to ground power systems by inserting a resistor between the system neutral and ground. This lowers the prospective ground-fault current to a predetermined value. A properly designed resistance-grounded system provides benefits over both ungrounded and solidly grounded systems. Because the system is grounded, transient overvoltages do not occur and groundfault current can flow, allowing it to be detected and measured. Also, because a resistor is used to ground the system, the very large and destructive ground-fault currents of solidly grounded systems are absent. Ground-fault relays (such as the SE-701) can be used on feeders to provide selective coordination and the ability to quickly locate or isolate the fault.
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Littelfuse Protection Relay PGN 10001icon NGR Series Datasheet

SE-MON330 v3.8 Software

This software is used to receive data from SE-330, SE-330AU, and SE-330HV Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitors. It will display the relay's set points as well as measured values.