PGN-3000 - PGN-3000 Series

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The PGN Pulsing High-Resistance-Grounding Systems are used to ground power systems by inserting a resistor between system neutral and ground to lower the ground-fault current to a predetermined value. Properly sized Resistance Grounding Systems solve two problems of ungrounded systems—transient overvoltages and the difficulty of locating ground faults. They also significantly reduce damage caused by ground faults on solidly grounded systems. The current limitation eliminates the Arc-Flash Hazards associated with the first ground fault. The hazards associated with phase-to-phase electrical faults must still be mitigated by using current-limiting fuses and other methods. High-Resistance Grounding Systems include all necessary components to convert to a resistance grounded system. Options include a pulsing circuit and SE-701 Ground-Fault Monitors to provide a method for locating ground faults.
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Littelfuse Protection Relay PGN 3000icon PGN 3000 High Resistance Grounding System

SE-MON330 v3.8 Software

This software is used to receive data from SE-330, SE-330AU, and SE-330HV Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitors. It will display the relay's set points as well as measured values.