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The new Littelfuse SL LoRho Battery Strap Series PPTC (polymer positive temperature coefficient) is designed with a proprietary conductive polymer material, to provide both over-current and over-temperature protection for rechargeable battery cells. This series features a slim, low profile and low resistance design to install directly on the latest generations of battery cells for a longer battery run time.

  • Low Profile
  • Lo Rho (low resistance at normal operating hold current)
  • Installs Directly on battery cell
  • RoHS Compliant, lead-free and halogen-free

Littelfuse_Taiwan_Concord_ISO14001icon TaiwanConcord ISO 14001

Littelfuse_Taiwan_Concord_ISOTS16949icon TaiwanConcord ISOTS 16949

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Littelfuse SL Lo Rho Battery Strap Series PTC Data Sheet

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