3425L200 - 3425L Series

Series: 3425L      Obsolete: 2004-07-05 Questions? Contact Littelfuse Support
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This product is obsolete. Please use 1812L or 1206L series PTCs for new design opportunities.
  • The 3425L Series Resettable devices utilze a polymer-based, Positive Temprature Coefficient (PTC) material to protect electrical circuits against overcurrent conditions.
  • In normal operation, the 3425L Series PTC has many conductive paths and a very low resistance. In an overcurrent condition, the temperature of the polymer material rises. This dramatically reduces the conductive paths resulting in an immediate rise in resistance. In this condition, the device provides circuit protection by significantly limiting the flow of current. However, once the cause of the initial overcurrent condition is eliminated, the 3425L Series PTC cools down and resets to a low resistance value permitting the normal current flow to resume.
  • The 3425L Series are surface mountable.