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This SIDACtor® device is a 5000A solid state protection device offered in a non-isolated TO-218 package. It protects equipment located in the severe surge environment of CATV (Community Antenna TV) applications.

In CATV line amplifiers and power inserters, this device can replace the gas tubes traditionally used for station protection because SIDACtor® devices have much tighter voltage tolerances.

  • All measurements are made at an ambient temperature of 25°C. IPP applies to -40°C through +85°C temperature range.
  • IPP is a repetitive surge rating and is guaranteed for the life of the product.
  • Listed SIDACtor® devices are bi-directional. All electrical parameters and surge ratings apply to forward and reverse polarities.
  • VDRM is measured at IDRM.
  • VS is measured at 100 V/µs.
  • Special voltage (VS and VDRM) and holding current (IH) requirements are available upon request.
  • Off-state capacitance is measured at 1MHz with a 2V bias and is a typical value.

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