B3204UA - Bxxx4u_ Series

Series: Bxxx4u_      Obsolete: 2009-02-01      Replaced By: B3204UALRP Questions? Contact Littelfuse Support
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This Battrax® device protects SLICs that use both a positive and negative ring voltage. It limits transient voltages with rise times of 100 V/µs to Vref ±10 V.

Littelfuse's six-pin Battrax® devices are constructed using four SCRs and four gate diodes. The SCRs conduct when a voltage that is more negative than -Vref (and/or more positive than +Vref) is applied to the cathode (Pins 1 and 3) of the SCR. During conduction, the SCRs appear as a low-resistive path which forces all transients to be shorted to ground.

  • All measurements are made at an ambient temperature of 25°C. IPP applies to -40°C through +85°C temperature range.
  • IPP is a repetitive surge rating and is guaranteed for the life of the product.
  • IPP ratings assume a VREF = ±48 V.
  • VDRM is measured at IDRM.
  • VS is measured at 100 V/µs.
  • Off-state capacitance is measured at 1MHz with a 2 V bias and is a typical value. "UC"product is approximately 2x the listed value.
  • Positive Battrax information is preliminary data.
  • VREF maximum value for the negative Battrax is -200 V.
  • VREF maximum value for the positive Battrax is 110 V.

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