2484 Series - SPST Single Pole Metal Body Battery Disconnect Switches

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Single-pole master disconnect switches. Will disconnect the battery circuit only.

Available Attributes
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Voltage: 6-36 Vdc
Electrical Ratings*:
1000 A Intermittent, 175 A Continuous*
Number of Positions: 2


Circuitry: Single-Pole
Terminals: Two 3/8"-24 Studs
Case: Plated Steel
Contacts: Silver or Copper
Actuator: Lever or Hencol Lock
*unless noted differently below

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #DescriptionPackage TypeContactsCaseActuatorStockCompare
24842484-BXCopperPlated SteelDiecast LeverCheck
2484-022484-02-BXSilverPlated SteelHencol KeyCheck
2484-03Same as 2484-02 - with o-ring seal in the operating shaft2484-03-BXSilverPlated SteelHencol KeyCheck
2484-06Weather resistant O-ring seal in operating shaft - gasket-sealed terminal insulation and sealant in mounting stem and case2484-06-BXSilverPlated SteelDiecast LeverCheck
2484-09Same as 2484-16 with copper contacts and without UL label2484-09-BXCopperPlated SteelDiecast LeverCheck
2484-162484-16-BXSilverPlated SteelDiecast LeverCheck
2484-192484-19-BXSilverPlated SteelHencol KeyCheck
2484-A2484-A-BXSilverPlated SteelDiecast LeverCheck

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