M-750 Series - Battery Selector Master Disconnect Switches

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For any vehicle that needs to use two batteries where one battery is used for starting the engine, while the other is used to power auxiliary loads. This is a common situation in trucks, boats, RVs, police and rescue vehicles, and in ambulances or fire equipment. A selector switch allows use of the first battery, the second battery, or both batteries simultaneously. This provides back-up starting power in an emergency.


These switches combine the functions of Battery Selector and Master Disconnect Switches to give four battery power options:
  • Power cut off at the source
  • Power On, Battery 2
  • Power On, Battery 1
  • Power On, both Batteries
Battery selector switches provide a positive battery disconnect, which has many advantages:
  • It gives a reliable shutdown of power during maintenance
  • The version with the key protects against theft of the vehicle, when unattended
  • It helps protect against electrical fires, when the vehicle is not in use, and minimizes battery drain


  • Rating: 500A intermittent, 310A continuous, 6-36V DC Electrical ratings on UL labels are conservative. Electrical Ratings Labeled UL 707B
  • Use with either alternators or generators
  • Make before break design permits operation through the three On positions with the engines running. Engines should always be shut down before turning to Off. 
  • Heavy-Duty Construction Vaporproof, weather-, dust- and corrosion-resistant.
  • Durable, fracture-resistant high temperature plastic case, knob and insulator.
  • Switches conform to USCG section 183.410 for ignition protection.
  • Heavy duty copper stud terminals, with brass hexnuts.
  • Can be surface mounted, or installed through a 3 5/16" diameter hole in the panel.
  • Dimensions: Flange: 6" (152.4mm) diameter, overall height 2 5/8" (66.7mm).
  • Terminals: 3 copper studs, 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #DescriptionPackage TypeCaseActuatorMax voltage ratingMax total continuous currentStockCompare
M-750Basic modelM-750-BPEngineering thermoplasticPlastic Knob36V310ACheck
M_751With lockEngineering thermoplasticPlastic Knob36V310ACheck
M_752With alternator field disconnectEngineering thermoplasticPlastic Knob36V310ACheck
M_753With lock and alternator field disconnectEngineering thermoplasticPlastic Knob36V310ACheck
M_754With pilot lightM-754-BPEngineering thermoplasticPlastic Knob36V310ACheck
M_754-01With pilot and pilot circuitEngineering thermoplasticPlastic Knob36V310ACheck

pdf icon M-750 Battery Selector Disconnect Switch Datasheet

Part Number: M-750 - Replaces Hotfeed D-598

pdf icon M-750 Series Switches 2D Prints

Part Numbers: M-750 M-751 M-752 M-753 M-754