956-3126 - 956 Heavy Duty Series

1302822311 956K
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Off - Ign/Acc - Ign/Start spring return to Ign/Acc. Key removable in Off position.
4 screw terminals.
Short Hencol key actuator
1"-24 bushing. Ratings at 12V DC: 10A Accessory, 10A Ignition, 5A Start. 1A Ground.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Description Anti-Restart Ignition Switch
Number of positions 3
Positions Off- Ign/Acc -Ign/Start
Accessory 10 A at 12 Vdc
Ignition/Run 10 A at 12 Vdc
Start 5 A at 12 Vdc
Actuator Hencol Lock 2 keys
Case material Plated Steel
O-Ring seal in stem No
Ground terminal No
Ground 1 A at 12 Vdc
Terminals 4 screw