Momentary Switches

  • 90043

    Light Duty Push-Button Switches

  • 10A Rectangular Housing Push-Button Momentary Switches

  • Description: Steel Button, Rubber Cap, Normally on weather-resistant momentary switch, Normally off pull switch. Spring return to off, PVC coated
    0.38in À Button, Steel button, 0.33in À Button, Extra Heavy Duty Weather-Resistant Switch

  • Circuitry: SPST, DPST

  • Terminals: 2 Screw, 2 Blade, Blade terminals for Packard 2977647 connector, Two screw, 2 7in Wires (178mm), 4 Blade, Blade

  • 90030

    Heavy Duty Push-Button Switches

  • 35A & 20A Cylindrical Housing Push-Button Momentary Switches

  • Description: Pushbutton Momentary Switch, Pushbutton Starter Switch, Compact pushbutton switch, Normally Off push to On, Heavy duty momentary push-button swtich, Two circuit push-button switch

  • Circuitry: SPST

  • Terminals: Two screw, For Packard #2962679, , Two blade