74600-02 - Electronic Dimmer Switches Series

1305068850 74600 02
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Three wires (load, battery, ground) with Delphi (Packard) connector 2984378 on 3” (76.2mm) leads.
Duty cycle: 0 - 100%. For variable intensity control of pqanel and interior vehic;e lighting.
For 12V DC negative ground systems, 14.7V maximum.
Black plastic knob with metal insert and set screw. Knob imprinted in white with the SAE variable symbol.
Diecast case, 1 9/16" (39.7mm) diameter, 0.88" (22.4mm) long. 7/16" -28 thread mounting stem, 0.45" long.
O-ring seal.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Case material Zinc Diecast
Description Electronic Dimmer Switch with Delphi (Packard) Connector _ negative ground
Contact ratings 4 A at 12 V DC
Number of key positions 2
Key positions Dim; Bright
O-Ring seal in stem Sealed