Rotary Reversing Switches Series - Control for Forward-Reverse Motor Operation

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For forward-reverse operation of a motor, to give a motion such as Up/Down, Left/Right, In/Out, Rotate/Counter-rotate. Suitable for control of tailgates, winches, windlasses, snowplows and other applications. DPDT. Spring return to Off from both On positions. Four screw terminals. Plated steel case.

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Catalog #Case materialDescriptionContact ratingsNumber of key positionsKey positionsSpring return to OffCompare
75705-01Plated SteelMomentary 3-Postion Rotary switch10 A at 12 V DC3Momentary On; Off; Momentary Off
75712-04Plated SteelHeavy Duty Forward Reverse Rotary Switch50 A at 12 V DC3On (Reverse); Off; On (Forward)
90005-01Plated SteelLevered Reversing Rotary Switch (Universal)15 A at 12 V DC3On (Reverse); Off; On (Forward)
90005-03Plated SteelKeyed Reversing Rotary Switch (Universal)15 A at 12 V DC3On (Reverse); Off; On (Forward)Yes
95593Zinc DiecastKeyed Reversing Rotary Switch (Universal)3On (Reverse); Off; On (Forward)