9242 - Neutral Safety and Backup Switches Series

1302045636 9242c
SPST. On with ball depressed, spring return to Off. Silver contacts. 35A at 12V DC, 20A at 24V DC. Moisture-resistant insulators, corrosion-resistant metal housings. Two screw terminals. Mounting stem 9/16" -18 UNF-2A thread, 5/16" (7.9mm) long. Replaces: International 863187-R91. Offsite info on Marine Ignition Switch wiring
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Description Neutral Safety Switch Heavy Duty
Circuitry SPST
Terminals 2 Screw
Rating 35A at 12V DC 20A at 24V DC
Normal position Contacts open
Contacts Silver
Insulator Moisture-resistant
Details Normally Open Contacts Closed when plunger is depressed spring return to Normally Open