2N5064 - EC103xx/SxSx Series

Series: EC103xx/SxSx      Obsolete: 2011-12-31      Replaced By: 2N6565 Questions? Contact Littelfuse Support
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Excellent unidirectional switches for phase control applications such as heating and motor speed controls.

Sensitive gate SCRs are easily triggered with microAmps of current as furnished by sense coils, proximity switches, and microprocessors.

Features & Benefits
  • RoHS compliant
  • Glass - passivated junctions
  • Voltage capability up to 600 V
  • Surge capablity up to 20 A

  • Applications
    Typical applications are capacitive discharge systems for strobe lights and gas engine ignition. Also controls for power tools, home/brown goods and white goods appliances.

    ChinaRoHS_SIDACtor _DO 214AA_ _COMPAK_Package pdf

    ChinaRoHS_Thyristor_TO 92 pdf

    Wuxi ISO TS16949 Certification

    RoHS HF_Compliance_TO 92_2010 08 13 pdf

    Document RoHS-HF_Compliance_DO-214AA_2010-08-12.pdf

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