Kxxx1GL Series - Multipulse™ SIDAC

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The Kxxx1GL Series Multipulse™ SIDAC generates the multiple high voltage pulses required to ignite metal-halide lamps. Its quick turn-off characteristics allow generating a minimum of three pulses per AC half-cycle. Advantages include lower switching loss for higher pulse voltages, improved tolerance for input voltage variations, and longer pulse durations than earlier devices.

  • Lower switching loss than earlier Kxxx1G Series Multipulse SIDAC
  • Tighter breakover/trigger voltage (VBO) control than Kxxx1G Series
  • Lower dynamic holding current (IH) than Kxxx1G Series
  • Generates a minimum of three pulses per AC half-cycle

  • Metal-halide lamp igniter circuits in medium to large scale metal-halide lamp installations, such as in:
    - Gym illumination
    - Street lighting
    - Sports stadium illumination

  • Generates at least 20 percent higher pulse voltages
  • Improved operating tolerance for the AC input voltage variations that are common in developing countries 
  • Longer high voltage pulse duration 
  • Best suited for metal-halide lamp ignition applications

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