MKP3V Series - SIDAC DO-201 1A BI


The SIDAC Bidirectional Trigger is designed for direct interface with the ac power line. Upon reaching the breakover voltage in each direction, the device switches from a blocking state to a low voltage on-state. Conduction will continue like a Triac until the main terminal current drops below the holding current. The plastic axial lead package provides high pulse current capability at low cost. Glass passivation insures reliable operation.


  • These are Pb-Free Devices


  • High Pressure Sodium Vapor Lighting
  • Strobes and Flashers
  • Ignitors
  • High Voltage Regulators
  • Pulse Generators
  • Used to Trigger Gates of SCR's and Triacs
  • Indicates UL Registered - File #E128662
  • Device Marking: Logo, Device Type, e.g., MKP3V120, Date Code

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MKP3V120G Littelfuse_UL_QVGQ2_E128662icon
MKP3V120RLG Littelfuse_UL_QVGQ2_E128662icon
MKP3V240G Littelfuse_UL_QVGQ2_E128662icon
MKP3V240RLG Littelfuse_UL_QVGQ2_E128662icon