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High-Reliability Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diodes are now available with customized upscreening and sorting process flows. High-Reliability TVS Diodes protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning surge and other transient voltage events. They have been specially screened and sorted for use in DC line protection in aviation electronics (avionics) and other applications that demand high reliability.

In addition to components with customizable upscreening and sorting process flows, four “off-the-shelf” High-Reliability TVS Diodes series are available: SMCJ-HR Series, SMCJ-HRA Series, SMDJ-HR Series, and SMDJ-HRA Series.



  • Military screening process flow

  • Flexible selection of high reliability sorting flows, which can be customized on request

  • Standard voltage ranges and power ratings are offered (SMCJ and SMDJ Series)

  • Long history of use in the aerospace industry



  • Aerospace

-       - Fly-by-wire flight control

-       - Engine control

-       - Power supply/distribution

-       - Cockpit electronic equipment and displays

-       - Air conditioning

-       - On-board infotainment systems

-       - Radar systems

-       - Advanced airborne digital computers

-       - Airfield lighting

  • Military

  • Industrial

  • Medical