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The ZA Series of transient voltage surge suppressors are radial-lead varistors (MOVs) designed for use in the protection of low and medium-voltage circuits and systems. Typical applications include motor control, telecom, automotive systems, solenoid, and power supply circuits to protect circuit board components and maintain data integrity.
  • These devices are available in five model sizes: 5, 7, 10, 14, and 20mm, and feature a wide V DC voltage range of 5.5V to 615V.
  • See ZA Series Device Ratings and Specifications table for part number and brand information.

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Littelfuse_Dongguan BeiCe MOV_ISO TS16949icon Dongguan BeiCe ISO TS16949

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CECC42201 006_E1273_Ficon IECQ_BSI_IECQCBSI14.0001

Varistors ZA SPICE Model OLB

AN9768 Transient Suppression Devices and Principles

This application note discusses the two major categories of transient suppressors: a) those that attenuate transients, thus preventing their propagation into the sensitive circuit; and b) those that divert transients away from sensitive loads and so limit the residual voltages.

AN9769 An Overview of Electromagnetic and Lightning Induced Voltage Transients

This application note is an overview of the sources and nature of various transient overvoltages, and the problems that may result.

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