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Thermally protected SMOV25S Varistor Series for overvoltage circuit protection

The SMOV25S Varistor Series offer an integrated thermal disconnect designed to open in the event of overheating due to abnormal overvoltage as outlined in UL1449 (3rd edition). These devices possess a separate micro-switch that can be used to indicate when the MOV is disconnected from the circuit.

- Facilitates compliance with the 3rd edition of UL1449 for SPD products
- High peak surge current handling capability and high energy absorption capability
- Intermediate current: 50A/150A; Nominal Discharge Current Value: 10 kA (SMOV25S) and 20kA (SMOV34S), recognized by UL 1449. UL file number: E320116
- Compact design of MOV and switch
- Lead-free and RoHS compliant

- Surge protection devices
- AC panel protection modules
- Power transfer switches
- AC/DC power distribution systems
- Photovoltaic systems
- Cell phone base stations

UL_VZCA2 E320116icon UR_VZCA2_E320116

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