SPFJ Series - 1000 VDC Solar Fuse - Class J Case Size

SPFJ Solar Fuse
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Unique Offering
The SPFJ solar fuses are the first fuse in the electrical industry to be UL 2579 Listed and designed to protect photovoltaic (PV) applications at 1000 VDC and 70-450 A.
Littelfuse is the solar circuit protection market leader and has expertise with over 17 million devices installed in PV systems. The SPFJ offers a unique solution to inverter- and re-combiner box manufacturers across the world, helping to further protect solar power systems and increase safety. It also offers a full-range PV time-current characteristic for added protection. 

Agency Approvals
The SPFJ is UL 2579 Listed, designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC Standard 60269-6.
These rigorous standards ensure the safety of both equipment and personnel and make the SPFJ a truly global product.

Small Footprint and Multiple Mounting Options
The 125-450 amperages are offered in Class J case sizes, allowing significant space savings opportunities for OEMs, which can help significantly reduce costs.
Customers can either mount the SPFJ solar fuses to a busbar or any three specifically designed 1000 VDC holder options to match their unique applications.
For more information on the fuse holders visit www.Littelfuse.com/lfj1000

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VDC (V)Interrupting RatingOpeningStockSamplesCompare
SPFJ07070100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ08080100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ09090100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ100100100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ125125100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ125L125100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ160160100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ160L160100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ200200100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ200L200100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ250250100010000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ300300100010000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ350350100010000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ400400100010000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPFJ450450100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder

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