Technical Application Notes

Current Transformers Engineered Products Feeder Protection Ground Check Ground Fault
Mounting Adapters Miscellaneous Motor Protection Resistance Grounding

Arc-Flash Protection
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AF-01 PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications - PDF
AF-01 PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications - DOC

Current Transformers
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CT-01 Ground-Fault-CT Selection Flowchart
CT-02 Earth-Fault-CT Flowchart for Australian Customers
CT-03 Locating Phase Conductors in a Zero-CT Window
CT-04 Hammond CT's
CT-05 Polycast 200:5 CT Test
CT-06 CT-Turns-Ratio Modification
CT-07 GE Multilin 2000:1 CT Compatibiity with Littelfuse Startco Relays
CT-08 Ground-Fault Current Transformer Location
CT-09 Sensitive Ground-Fault Protection Using Split-Core CT's
CT-10 CT and PT Polarity Testing
CT-11 FPL Zero-sequence Sensors With Littelfuse Relays

Engineered Products
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EP-01 SE-3SCR-LM Compatibility with Existing SE-2SCR-LC Installations
EP-02 Revision 3 SE-3FB Addition of Three Diagnostic LED's
EP-03 SE-16RB Relay Board
EP-04 SE-PCM8 Pulse Counting Multiplexer
EP-05 SEL-PTO Ground-Fault Panel Checklist

Feeder Protection
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FP-01 FPU-32 Replacement for Line Power Model 07-2000
FP-02 Replacing an FPU-16 with an FPU-32
FP-03 FPU-32 Feeder Protection Unit Guideform Specification
FP-04 Testing an FPU-32 Feeder Protection Unit
FP-05 Upgrading from a CO-Series Overcurrent Relay to an FPU-32
FP-06 FPU-32 Feeder Protection Unit Upgrade Technical Note

Ground Check
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GC-01 SE-105 & SE-107 Ground-Check Termination and Frequency Response
GC-02 SE-105 & SE-107 Ground Check, Theory of Operation
GC-03 SE-105 or SE-107 Settings
GC-04 SE-105 Tests
GC-05 Ground-Fault Ground-Check Comparison Sheet
GC-06 Replacing an SE-125 with an SE-135 Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitor
GC-07 SE-134C Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitor Guideform Specifications
GC-08 Using Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitors for Load Discrimination
GC-09 Splitter-Box Dual-Cable Monitoring
GC-10 Parallel Path Isolator
GC-11 Trailing Cable Ground-Check/Ground Resistance
GC-12 Ground-Check Monitor Induced and Coupled AC Performance

Ground Fault
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GF-01 DFT Filtering in Ground-Fault Relays
GF-02 Ground-Fault Comparison Sheet
GF-03 Ground-Fault Misconceptions
GF-04 SE-701 Remote Reset
GF-05 Ground-Fault/Earth-Leakage Monitor Comparison Sheet
GF-06 SE-601 DC Ground-Fault Protection
GF-07 SE-701 Ground-Fault Monitor Guideform Specification
GF-08 SE-601 DC Ground-Fault Protection with Asymmetrical SE-GRM
GF-09 Generator Self-Balancing Differential Ground-Fault Protection
GF-10 Pulsing Ground-Fault Systems
GF-11 Ground-Fault Monitoring in Adjustable-Speed Drive Applications

Mounting Adapters
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MA-01 PMA Rough Opening and P4A Adapter for MPU-32
MA-02 PMA-2 Allen-Bradley 1406 Adapter for MPU-32
MA-03 PMA-3 GEC/MCGG Adapter for SE-701, SE-703, SE-704, or SE-601
MA-04 PMA-4 Multilin 139/239 Adapter for MPU-32
MA-05 PMA-55 Adapter for SE-701, SE-703, SE-704, or SE-601
MA-06 PMA-6 FPL-GFRM Adapter for SE-701, SE-703, SE-704, or SE-601
MA-07 PMA-7 GE Lodtrak II Adapter Plate for MPU-32
MA-08 PMA-8 Atkinson Adapter for SE-134, SE-134C, or SE-135
MA-09 PMA-9 GE S1 Case Adapter for MPU-32
MA-10 PMA-10 GE Lodtrak III Adapter for MPU-32
MA-11 MPU Drawout Retrofits for GE Lodtrak, P&B Gold, etc.
MA-12 PMA-12 GE & Westinghouse FT-11 Adapter Plate
MA-13 PMA-13 GE Multilin 169 and 269+ Adapter for MPS
MA-14 PMA-14 AB-1406 Panel-Mount Adapter
MA-15 PMA-15 MGFR Adapter for SE-701, SE-703, SE-704, or SE-601
MA-17 PMA-17 Sprecher & Schuh Cet 4 Adapter for MPU-32
MA-18 PMA-18 Sprecher & Schuh Cet 3 Adapter for MPU-32
MA-21 PMA-21 ABB RACIF Adapter for FPU-32
MA-23 PMA-23 Custom Mounting Plate for FPU-32 and MPU-CIM Replacing 3 Westinghouse C0 Relays
MA-24 PMA-24 GE Multilin 469 Adapter for MPS

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MI-01 Dielectric Tests on SE-105, SE-325 and SE-701
MI-02 Certifications for Littelfuse Startco products

Motor Protection
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MP-01 Temperature Sensors and Hot-Motor Compensation
MP-02 MPU-32 Error vs MPU-CIM to MPU-32 Cable Length
MP-03 Service Factor Influence on the Overload Curve
MP-04 Thermal Modelling
MP-05 Motor Protection with Wye-Delta Starters
MP-06 Single Phasing
MP-07 MPU-CIM Field Test Procedure
MP-08 Number of Starts
MP-09 Using Hand-Off-Auto Selector Switches with the MPS
MP-10 Motor Protection Feature Comparison
MP-11 AB Bulletin 1406 to MPS Motor Protection System Retrofit
MP-12 MPS Motor Protection System Guideform Specification
MP-13 MPS Voltage Sequence—Two PT Connection
MP-14 Using One MPS-OPI Operator Interface to Monitor Multiple Motors
MP-15 Comparison of Unbalance Calculation Methods
MP-18 Replacing an MPU-16A with an MPU-32
MP-19 MPU-32 Motor Protection Unit Guideform Specification
MP-20 MPU-32 DeviceNet Set-up Guide (Based on RSNetWorx 7.0)
MP-21 Multilin P4A to MPU-32 Motor Protection Unit Upgrade
MP-22 MPU-32 Supplemental Supply Voltage Rating

Resistance Grounding
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RG-01 NGR Monitoring with Isolated Ground Beds
RG-02 Application of SE-325 on Alarm-Only Systems
RG-03 SE-325 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Settings
RG-04 SE-325 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Guideform Specification
RG-05 SE-330 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Guideform Specification
RG-06 SE-VS1002K Voltage Scaler for the SE-325
RG-07 SE-VS50010K Voltage Scaler
RG-08 SE-330 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Settings
RG-09 Multiple Sources, Single Neutral-Grounding Resistor
RG-10 SE-330HV Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Settings
RG-11 Voltage Metering In Resistance-Grounded Systems
RG-12 Implementing Resistance Grounding on Ungrounded Systems
RG-13 Replacing an SE-325 with an SE-330
RG-14 Neutral-Grounding Resistor Checklist
RG-15 Implementing Resistance Grounding on Solidly Grounded Systems