Relationship with our Suppliers

Littelfuse suppliers are our partners. The high caliber of materials, goods and services they provide is linked directly to the quality, reliability, value and prompt delivery of the Company's products to our customers and, thus, to customer satisfaction.

We Seek Long-Term Relationships

We will strive to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and award business based on their ability to meet our needs and commitments, their reputations for service, integrity and compliance, their high standards for quality, delivery and overall value.

We Will Not Be Influenced by Gifts

We will not be influenced by gifts or favors of any kind from our suppliers or potential suppliers. Littelfuse expects every supplier to exercise reasonable judgment and discretion in offering any gratuity or gift offered to any Littelfuse associate.

  • It is Littelfuse policy to strongly discourage the receipt of gifts either directly or indirectly by employees, as any gift may be misconstrued as an attempt to influence business decisions. This does not apply to unsolicited promotional materials of a general advertising nature, such as imprinted pens, memo pads and calendars as long as what is given is accepted without any express or implied understanding that the recipient is in any way obligated. If you (supplier), have any questions regarding this policy, please consult with your Littelfuse regional Strategic Sourcing Manager.
  • An occasional meal or entertainment in the normal course of business relations, paid for by a supplier or potential supplier, is permitted provided that a representative of the supplier is in attendance and such hospitality is not excessive or unusual in nature. When practical, hospitality should be reciprocated.

It is not acceptable for any Littelfuse associate or supplier to Littelfuse to solicit gifts, gratuities, or business courtesies for the benefit of a Littelfuse employee, family member or friend.