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3/16/2017 The Littelfuse Silicon Valley Technology Center takes research and development to the next level

Publication: EDN
EDN’s Senior Technical Editor visited the new Silicon Valley Technology Center to learn how Littelfuse research and development capabilities will be taken to the next level.

3/8/2017 In Quiet Endorsement of Silicon Carbide, Littelfuse Invests $15 Million in Monolith

Publication: Electronic Design
Littelfuse takes majority ownership of Monolith Semiconductor, a startup that has developed advanced semiconductors based on silicon carbide that allows devices to switch faster, handle higher voltages, and suppress heat better than silicon chips.

3/2/2017 Littelfuse Takes Majority Stake in Monolith Semi

Publication: EE Times
Littelfuse Inc. has acquired a majority stake in Monolith Semiconductor Inc., a Texas-based that is developing high-voltage silicon carbide power diodes and switches to allow devices to operate with improved energy efficiency and reduced system cost.

4/1/2016 Custom Magnetic Sensor Selection Guide for White Goods Applications

Publication: Appliance Design Magazine
The demand for energy efficiency and convenience is driving the application of sensor technology in the home appliance/white goods market.

3/20/2016 Sunday Sitdown: Gordon Hunter, biz growing with electric-car boom

Publication: Chicago Sun Times
In an exclusive interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Littelfuse CEO Gordon Hunter talks about electric cars, smart homes, solar power, and the benefits of global working relationships.

3/9/2016 In the Wake of Demand from the Automotive Market

Publication: Markt&Technik
Daria Kriegs, European Sales Manager at Littelfuse, sees this similarly. She looks back at a rather stable year 2015, but expects the “stock that has been built up to be sold in the short term and therefore does not feel that this will cause any pressure on prices.

2/23/2016 Protecting the "Smarts" in Industrial Smart Meters

Publication: Plant Engineering
Smart meters are integral to a growing number of industrial utilities applications, including gas and water meters, energy management, and others.

12/4/2015 More Functions Means Less Protection

Publication: Embedded Computing Design
ICs are getting denser. But did you know that as they get smaller and denser, they get harder (in some cases significantly harder) to protect against over-voltage transients, electrostatic discharge (ESD), a perturbation on the power line, or something else?

12/10/2015 Finding The Right Custom Magnetic Sensor For Your Application

Publication: Sensor Technology
Successful magnetic circuits are built upon proper planning and design principles. Experienced design engineers take a holistic approach to the design process by considering the full magnetic circuit.

12/8/2015 Simplifying Solid-State Lighting Control

Publication: ECN Magazine
Solid-state lighting has quickly become the most popular lighting option for a wide range of applications. As incandescent lamps have been rendered largely obsolete, given the U.S. government's mandate to save energy, they are increasingly being replaced by Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs.

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