Cheryl Fudge

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  • Why engineering?
    "I chose a career in engineering because I’ve always had a natural curiosity for understanding how things work. I enjoyed learning about math and science in school, and I also really enjoyed hands-on, creative projects with my family growing up. To me, a path in engineering seemed like a good mix of both."

  • Proudest engineering achievement:
    "Very early in my career, I worked as an applications engineer developing engine components. I knew very little about engines or anything related to automotive at that point in my career. One of my proudest achievements was seeing a project that I had worked on for two years successfully go into production. There were many challenges throughout the project, including validation failures, timing issues, and a very frustrated customer. At times, it seemed like we might not ever be able to launch the project. Seeing success despite having a steep learning curve around the product and so many challenges during the development process was extremely rewarding. As a young engineer, this experience helped me realize both the value of learning from failure and the value of not giving up when all of the answers aren’t readily available."