Sam Fuller

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  • 1. What made you want to get into engineering? And specifically, your specialization?
    I enjoyed taking things to pieces as a child. I also liked fixing old cars so we could race around a field/home-made track − or maybe I should say fixing them after we broke them! I liked the design technology/electronics classes at school. I even built a radio controlled electric buggy kit in my spare time among other daft creations. I converted an electric mobility scooter to petrol power and fitted a small mower engine to my bicycle. I had some school work experience at a historic racing car restoration workshop and also enjoyed doing machining/metalwork there. I continued working with old race cars and engines. So, I tried to take courses related to my interests which, of course, led me to automotive engineering.

  • 2. What advice would you give to new engineers at Littelfuse?
    Several things I have picked up over the years which seem cliché but may be useful:
    "If it was easy, everybody would be doing it"
    "The Devil is in the detail"
    "Focus on the engineering"
    Always get hands-on to do feasibility testing on your product so you get to know it.

  • 3. What has been a project that you have worked on that you are proud of or that has been most interesting to you?
    I was proud of the KSS wire harness projects that we launched. We had to launch several different designs of wire harnesses at the same time. There were many discussions needed with the customer to clarify and correct the drawings but we overcame all that and launched the harnesses. As part of the project, we researched, devised and implemented a barcode scanning harness circuit tester so we could have individual test data stored for each harness.

  • 4. What is your favorite part about your job? Why?
    I enjoy problem solving so I like investigating issues and deep diving to find root causes; then finding a possible solution or selecting from a number of options.