FlexMod Trailer Light Timers Series - Electronic Timer for Trailer Lighting

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The FlexMod Electronic Timer for Lighting prevents the internal lights inside a trailer from being left on and draining the battery. Vehicle operator operates a momentary switch which turns lights on, allowing safe operation inside the cargo compartment. After 20 minutes the FlexMod flashes the lights and gives the operator increasingly urgent warnings to either exit the cargo compartment or reactivate the timer before the lights go out.

Perfect for use on delivery vehicles, utility vehicles, trailers or straight trucks.  

Feature and Benefits

  • Compact design (4” x 3” x 1”) unit is waterproof, dustproof and vibration-proof.  Mounts anywhere on a vehicle, even places where road-splash is a problem. Sealed to IP67 standard.
  • Superior to conventional mechanical “egg-timer” units: Electronic Timer has integral warning feature. No moving parts means high reliability
  • Automatically turns interior lights off – protects starting batteries by eliminating the problem of lights left on overnight. No more jump starts!
  • Provides a series of increasingly urgent warnings within the cargo compartment, before lights turn off – gives the driver the option to reset or exit the work area.
  • Factory programmable unit is highly versatile: a broad range of time and warning presets to match any speial application.
  • 10A rating – works with even the brightest of lighting systems
  • Unit is autoranging - senses 12V or 24V systems.
Mounting: Four 9/32" (7.2mm) dia. holes
Size: 4.0 x 2.7 x 1.3" (102 x 69 x 33mm)

Operating Sequence

  1. Operator turns cargo compartment lights On.
  2. After 20 minutes compartment lights provide warning by blinking three times. Operator may re-set switch at this time - cycle will start again.
  3. After another 20 seconds, lights blink three times at a faster rate. Operator may re-set switch at this time - cycle will start again.
  4. After a further 20 seconds, lights blink three times at a faster rate and then switch Off. Operator may re-set switch at this time - cycle will start again.

Ordering Information

Part Number  Description Harness Included
48636  Unit Only
48636-01  Unit with Harness

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Current Rating (Continuous) in AmpsVoltage Rating MaxDetailsIngress ProtectionHousingAgency Approval - HumidityAgency Approval - ShockAgency Approval - VibrationStockCompare
48636-0110 A0 to 90% RH
Obsolete: 2019 -04-17
1032IP67Blue Thermoplastic0-90% RHSAE J145510-500 HzCheck

pdficon FlexMod Trailer Light Timers Datasheet

FlexMod Trailer Light Timers Datasheet

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2D Print Guide

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