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MicroPlex 7XHL
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The MicroPlex® CAN controller is designed for body-builders, up-fitters, and OEMs to allow them to easily interface with and augment their vehicles pre-existing CAN system to drive additional features based on existing CAN messaging. Additionally, the MicroPlex® can be used to add new CAN messaging back onto the CAN bus resulting in an integrated and seamless user experience.

The MicroPlex® is one of the smallest automotive grade CAN controllers on the market. The innovative module is well suited for a wide range of automotive applications. Users are able to easily configure and or program special features to customize the MicroPlex® to better suit their needs.

Features and Benefits

  • 7 total configurable I/Os, 1 CAN interface, 1 Ignition input
  • Standard functions and parameters can easily be modified with the MicroPlex® Lab - https://www.microplexlab.com/
  • Complex applications can be implemented with C code
  • Special programs/programming support are available upon request

 * MicroPlex® is a registered trademark.


Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #DescriptionVoltage ratingIngress ratingOperating TemperatureFlash Rate (fpm)Compare
LFMCRPLX001Can Controller 7X9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLX002Can Controller 7H9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLX003Can Controller 7L9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLXKIT7HMicroPlex Starter Kit 7H9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLXKIT7LMicroPlex Starter Kit 7L9-30IP67-40 to +854K
LFMCRPLXKIT7XMicroPlex Starter Kit 7X9-30IP67-40 to +854K

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