DCNEV250-MB - DCNEV250 Series

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High current and high voltage DC contactor relays for electric vehicle applications such as charging station, battery power supply, DC power control, circuit protection, and other switch controls. Can also be used in uninterruptible power supply and other electronic control systems. Are available with polarized and non-polarized contacts to best suit electrical systems’ polarity. The Coil Economizer greatly reduces coil power and heating after the contactor is energized. Once the contactor is energized, it takes minimal coil power to keep the contacts closed due to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) reducing the average power delivered by pulsing the electrical signal.


  • Battery Electric Vehicles 
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles 
  • Material Handling
  • Electric Maintenance and Transport Vehicles
  • Industrial Applications


 Features and Benefits 

  • High current (250A) and high voltage (900V) contactor for EV Applications 
  • Compact structure, helping reduce noise when turned on 
  • Coil Enonomizer greatly reduces coil power and heating 
  • Sealed IP67, gas filled relay which prevents arcing 
  • No mounting orientation restrictions 

Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Description High Voltage DC Contactor Relay Bottom Mount with Auxiliary Circuit with Polar Load Terminals with Coil Voltage 12-24V DC
Voltage 900V
Continuous current 250A
Circuitry SPST NC
Terminals M8
Ingress rating IP67
Contact Materials 8.8 - 11 Nm (80-100 in-lb)
Housing Nylon UL 94-V0
Voltage rating 900V
Mounting hardware No.10 with Compression Limiters
Terminal hardware Silver Plated Copper
Temperature range -40C to 85C
Connector M8 x 1.25
Ingress Protection IP67
Sample Capable No

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Part Numbers: DCNEV250-M,  DCNEV250-MN,  DCNEV250-MA,  DCNEV250-MAN,  DCNEV250-MP,  DCNEV250-MB,  DCNEV250-F,  DCNEV250-FA,  DCNEV250-FAN,  DCNEV250-FB,  DCNEV250-FN,  DCNEV250-G,  DCNEV250-GA,  DCNEV250-GAN,  DCNEV250-GB, and DCNEV250-GN 

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